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Annual Containers

Annuals dazzle with abundant blooms and instant impact. They bring bright color and diverse texture to hanging baskets, standing containers and garden beds.

Custom designed and generously planted, GFD annual arrangements ring in the Spring season. With regular deadheading, they will continue to rebloom throughout the growing season until they die with the first freezing temperatures of Fall.

GFD can:

  • plant in your existing containers or collaborate with you to select new containers

  • install irrigation or suggest a hand watering scheduling

  • offer garden accessories and/or solar lighting to supplement your design


When the annuals die in Fall, we offer Fall and then Winter changeovers, removing the finished flowers and installing seasonally themed decorations.


Pansies, which last well into Winter and sometimes through it, are often included in Fall changeovers.


We strive to create Winter designs that work for the holidays, but can continue to work for the rest of cold season.


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