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Colorado Native Plants


“To save our planet we must protect the health of our water, air, and soil. To save wildlife we need to provide them with ample food and shelter. Given our native plants have evolved over time alongside local wildlife, many caterpillars, insects, pollinators, birds, and other animals, depend on native plants for their food and survival .”

-Nancy Linz, Founder of Native Plant Month

Benefits of Including Native Plants in Your Landscape

  • Plants native to Colorado are naturally acclimated to our dry climate and require less water than plants native to coastal states.

  • Native plants have increased immunity to diseases and pests found in Colorado.

  • Native plants are preferred food sources for pollinators and birds who are also local to the region. 

  • Plants native to Colorado are suited to thrive in our existing soil, without needing supplemental fertilizers.


Colorado Native Perennials

Common Yarrow

Fringed Sage

Prairie Sage

Showy Milkweed

Chocolate Flower


Purple Prairie Clover


Bush Sunflower


Blue Flax

Star Flower


Desert Four O'Clock

Bee Balm

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Black-eyed Susan

Scarlet Globemallow

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