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Trees and Shrubs


Trees clean the air we breathe, stabilize soil, provide homes and food for pollinators, and offer shade. They can provide privacy from neighbors, lower heating and cooling costs and increase the value of your home.


GFD plants small to medium sized trees, such as the one pictured. We collaborate with clients to ensure that the trees we select are appropriate for their intended location, have plenty of room to grow, serve the clients' desired intentions and complement the rest of the landscape design.   


Like trees, shrubs can be deciduous or evergreen, fruit bearing or non-fruit bearing. Shrubs can stand on their own or be included within gardens.


Shrubs can camouflage foundations, provide year round interest and serve as a backdrop for colorful perennial gardens.


Larger shrubs create immediate impact, adding height, color and plant diversity. Location's function, sun and water exposure, client's stylistic palette and existing plants are all considered when selecting shrubs. 

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