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Design Proposal


This first proposal gives clients the opportunity to determine which components they want to include in their design and to establish their overall budget for the project.

Clients are highly encouraged to ask questions and request adjustments at this point in the process.


Design includes the time and technology involved in planning and detailing the cost, materials and actions needed for each project component.

The design proposal allows clients to see the general budget we suggest per component and determine if they want to hire us to design that component.

The design cost for each component is a fixed, firm cost.

Half of design cost is charged to begin design work. The remainder of design cost is charged upon design's acceptance.


Each component's installation cost is estimated at this point in the process based on similar sized projects and predicted pricing.

Installation cost includes labor, materials and project management charges.

Actual cost to be determined during design period when specific materials and order of operations are defined.

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