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Wildflower Seeding

“Wildflowers are the stuff of my heart!”

-Lady Bird Johnson

Wildflower seeding is often a less expensive alternative to installing sod or weed cloth and uses less water. Wildflowers invite pollinators, stabilize hillsides and fight weeds.


Large scale seeding can transform backyards, border areas and slopes into native wildflower meadows. Smaller scale seeding can fill in a blank area, decorate a fence line or add abundance to an existing garden.

GFD sources high quality, non GMO, wildflower seeds and seed mixes. We then custom blend seed mixes for our clients, considering the sun and water exposure of the area to be seeded, the area's desired function, and the client's aesthetic preferences.


Seeded areas require initial irrigation or hand watering and annual reseeding while they establish themselves over multiple years.

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